Laura Eliason

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Do you remember sprays of flour
Pluming around the sunlight
Like when cream goes in the coffee
And time is slow enough now
That you could watch it
And felt it
And loved my hands kneading
And taste the air fresh from the leaves outside our door
Imagine we will hear music from birds and space and breeze and bees
See my knees beneath the table you built
And we broke
And you rebuilt
Do you remember?
Can you imagine?

Strong fingers let loose
I see the way you work things open
And I become an aching vase

Other loves were so easy to describe
Their edges so interesting and clearly defined
But your limits escape my site
Move, shift change
Like clouds moving across the sky
Only sometimes perceived as unmoving
However i could describe you today
Would lose relevance tomorrow
Elusive one
My lover
My love

Laura Eliason