Laura Eliason

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search for me

i thought i was growing something sweet

nurturing it, quietly protecting it

swaddled and warm I held it in my stomach

so it grew and the violence began

so slowly, as it devoured hungrily 

the home which i gave it

with its dark mouth, endlessly consuming

and still i would not call my baby black hole by its name

until one day below my heart i fell into a treacherous cave

bare skin on jagged coral, feet bloodied

helpless in the dark, desperate for purchase

for many months arms moving sickeningly through the empty air

finding nothing

until i realized what i had forgotten

it was there beneath me all the time

and so i lay down

and dug my fingers in to the toothed ground

and summoned my ally

and i waited, magnetic


then i felt it: the world tilted

moments later, across my finger

a trickle of water


a rivulet

and then another across my foot

and another

until tiny streams were flowing over every inch of skin

salt stinging my wounds

still i lay in wait

i heard the flood coming before i felt it

heard it as it echoed across the violent chasm of my baby's mouth

defining its edges

filling this vast empty space

covering my body

even as it lifted me

scouring my skin

until suddenly the rushing ceased

now this body of water

moved without being moved

and in that moment i opened my eyes

i saw them then


the tiny iridescent scales

my subtle armour

and held by the water i rested

beneath the beating moon

in my beloved

become an ocean


Written FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2011

Laura Eliason