Scarves for Individuals

This is not just about a scarf.  This is about a connection and a collaboration; you are as integral to your scarf's story as the wearer is to perfume.  How will you hold it?  How will you pull it around the curve of your neck?  Will you let it slip off your shoulder? Will you tie it around your waist as you slide out of bed? Will you absentmindedly knot the corners? Lay it for a picnic?  

Silk is the most luxurious of fabrics, it adds a luminosity to color that you can not get in other fibres.  Silk is unique in its breathability and warmth retention while remaining light and comfortable around the neck.  

100% silk, one of a kind, hand rolled hems, huge 42" square.  Each scarf is named individually, labeled accordingly and packaged beautifully in its own muslin bag with care instructions.

Custom Scarves can be commissioned for $200 each.  Please use the contact form below for more information.

I have been dyeing silks for 7 years, after 3 years spent as a professional yarn dyer and 6 years working with textiles in the fashion industry; I have also been obsessed with color my whole life.  I love the power of color to conjure emotions and memories.  I use a dyeing process that marries fine art painting and tie dye techniques for a strikingly modern aesthetic with a bohemian edge.  While I create predominantly for private clients, my scarves have been stocked by Free People, and featured in the Irish Fashion Innovation Awards.

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