Capture your loved ones in a timeless, elegant and above all, artful way.

Portrait Commission Information

I use the finest watercolors and paint on 100% cotton mould-made acid-free and archival paper.

To begin your artwork requrest, email me using the contact form at the bottom of this page to request a quote and timing information.  Please include as much information as you can about what you are looking for as this will help me give you the most accurate information possible.  (what size?  who will be the subject(s)? is this a gift? when would you like it?)

Portrait commissions start at $500 for a single subject.  Additional subjects, tight deadlines, and other requests will result in a higher quote.  

Once we agree upon a price, a 50% deposit will be requested.  Next, I will ask you to send me 10 or more digital photographs of the person you would like to have painted.   From the photographs provided by you, I make loose sketches on paper getting a sense of the unique qualities of your loved one.  Once I feel I have an understanding of the person's features, I work on developing the composition for the painting.  Using a hybrid of storyboard and fine art techniques to create a beautiful narrative, I then translate in watercolor.

Watercolor is a delicate and unforgiving medium.  It requires full presence and simultaneously a restraint and a letting go on the part of the artist.  The effects created by the pigments and water and even the weather interacting are unpredictable and can never be recreated in exactly the same way--a watercolor is as unique as a fingerprint.  I feel it is a medium worthy of portraiture.

Framing quotes available upon request, otherwise all work is shipped unframed.  

It is deeply important to me that you are happy with the work, I put my whole heart into creating work that will surprise and delight and last for generations.  

What Clients Have to Say:

"She absolutely LOVED it and it was a huge hit; we showed it in front of her family and they were completely floored with how incredible it was. It is everything I wanted and it looks SO beautiful. Thank you so much, you really made this the most amazing gift I could ever ask for."  Matthew Dorville


"I opened this while at school (I'm a teacher) and gasped in front of my class. It's beautiful. I love it!!
The blue in his curls and the squint in his eyes - it's perfect."  Brianne C


"I just wanted to thank you and tell you how much I love the paintings !  They are all fantastic... Randy, Kix, and Andy's pups.  Thank you so much for making sure they got here for Christmas." Sheri Wolfrum


"Oh my goodness! This made me cry! My little baby after his first haircut  Oh thank you thank you thank you!" Kat Davis


"it's beautiful.  I just love it so much.  Thank you for doing this.  It... it... it  really means a lot.  I could get gushier, but I don't have time to cry tonight." R.A.


"She lovedddddddd it! She cried when she saw it.  So did my mom.  Thank you." Jennifer R


"The paintings were a huge success, of course, and naturally Mom cried. Thank you again!!!" Lisa May


"Oh my god these are amazing . 


Amazing." Anthony Keegan


"This is incredible. Seriously so beautiful!  Watery eyes. I didn't expect this. Such a beautiful surprise."

Devon Trout


"thank you sooooo much for the painting.  I was gushing tears.  It is so beautiful, and it captures everything I love about him."

Beth Parasmo


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